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Charter management

The majority of yacht owners charter their boat to produce a return on their investment and provide, in the longer term, an additional source of income.

The charter activity will initially help you to cover the cost of your mooring, your insurance, the yearly maintenance of your yacht and subsequently for maximizing it.

Thanks to our experience in marketing and communications, we propose to capitalize on charter activity income by introducing our international clientele to your yacht.

Promotion and advertising of your yacht at national and international level

Through advertisements on media releases, our website and Web portals with whom we collaborate, we provide worldwide exposure of your yacht.


Finding the ideal client for your yacht

Our team of expert advisor will select the ideal client for your yacht following agreed criteria.


Preparation of charter contract

We guarantee you ongoing support and undertake all your administrative tasks by the drafting of the charter contracts.


Charter calendar management with a monthly report on all transactions

We help you to maximize income from your yacht, by creating a rental schedule around your personal use and needs.


Deposit required for each rental disaster

Deposit requested and professional and qualified captain for each charter.


Optimal follow-state for check in and check out

Your yacht ready to go at any time: cleaned and refueled.

We are committed to ensuring optimal monitoring of your yacht by checking all technical and mechanical aspects before departure and after return of the day charter.


Maintenance and Support

We take care of maintenance of all work carried out on your yacht. Through our partners, selected for their expertise, we are able to meet all the technical requirements of your yacht so that it is ready to be rented at any time.