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Yacht management

Owning a yacht is a privilege, a passion and a lot of fun but beyond the initial purchase of a new yacht there are ongoing maintenance costs to ensure that it is sea worthy and that the original investment is optimized. 

The majority of our customers do not reside in Ibiza throughout the year and long distance management as its challenges. Therefore, we are eager to gain you trust, through mutually respect, by providing a professional and disciplined service. Our duty is meet your interests through the optimal management of your yacht and maximizing its profitability.

So we support you for every step from the purchase of your vessel, mooring facilities through to the annual management. Our Yacht Management Service brings together all the necessary skills for the smooth operation of the yacht, with solutions designed to cope with all scenarios and contingencies.

The purchase of your yacht

Completion of all paperwork before and after the acquisition

We assist you in preparing, obtaining and managing all necessary documentation to purchase the yacht of your choice. We offer all the services from the purchase of your yacht to its delivery, its compliance, rent and management.


Financial, administrative and accounting management

Benefitting from a well established and well structured schedule, we take care of all the financial interests of your yacht and provide a monthly report. We take care of all your paperwork, implementation of the charter license, insurance and management of moorings.



Our special relationships with the various marinas in Ibiza gives us a priority access (in case of emergency). Through our partners, selected for their skills, we are able to meet all mechanical and technical matters for all types of boats.


Global Logistics – Maintenance

We offer personalized service plan and it is recommended that a Yearly Plan is agreed as it is more economical. The plan comprises:

·  Services engine and base

·  Fairing and antifouling

·  Care of teak

·  Interior and exterior cleaning

·  Hull polish

·  Polish chrome and stainless steel

·  Verification of the safety equipment

We can upgrading your yacht by providing the following:

·  Installation of electronic equipment, modification of the interior, engine repairs

·  Wintering dry (water outlet and storage in warehouse)

·  Wintering afloat (check daily mooring, start engine, battery inspection, cleaning)

We also manage the crew which can be selected according to defined criteria.


Selling your yacht

Free evaluation of your yacht and assistance

Our team of expert advisors will value your yacht for free and implement the best marketing strategy so that it makes the best price at sale.


Promotion and advertising of your yacht at national and international level

Through advertisements on media releases, our website and Web portals with whom we collaborate, we provide worldwide exposure of your yacht.


Completion of all paperwork before and after the sale agreement

We will assist you in preparing, obtaining and managing all documentation necessary to sell your yacht. We will personally assist and advise you in the best of your interests.